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How to Train Your Attorney – Tip 2: Require Monthly Bills

August 20, 2012

This sounds obvious, but many client’s (and attorney’s) fail to follow this key and most basic step to controlling legal fees and costs.  Requiring monthly bills, and more importantly, closely inspecting those bills and promptly discussing any problems and/or questions with your attorney, has the following obvious benefits:

  • Opens the lines of communication with your attorney and allows the client to stay informed
  • Allows the client to understand the real cost of litigation and to do a cost-benefit analysis on various strategies and options
  • Avoids the all-to-often “surprise” when a client gets an unexpectedly large legal bill
  • Avoids attorney-client fee disputes

From a client’s perspective, there is only an upside to requiring (and closely-inspecting) monthly bills.   Implementing this easy and basic step will go a long way towards effectively managing and controlling your legal costs, while avoiding any costly “surprises.”

Check here for another helpful perspective.

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